If you can measure it, you can manage it.
How can FarmitRx help with your
irrigation or nutritional management?




Identify variability by creating geo databases from multiple data sets—both geophysical (soil map) and hyperspectral image (vegetative reflectance) are correlated to produce a Variability Map. The Variability Map is the foundation for Phases 2-4.



Classify the variability identified in Phase 1 through replicated hydraulic soil core samples to a depth of 72 inches. Certified labs provide a complete analysis of soil chemistry, textures, porosity, bulk density and plant available water for a detailed crop specific recommendation.



Determine targeted real-time plant and soil sensor placement for maximum accuracy. Provide layouts for Variable Rate Irrigation systems, retrofit, design, and/or maximize irrigation system performance based on soil profiles defined in Phase 1-2.



FarmitRx is data driven agriculture. Using FarmitRx data models and real-time sensors to more efficiently manage water and nutrient resources. H2O Optimizer provides ongoing management through detailed nutrition and irrigation schedules.


H2O Optimizer works directly with agriculturists to simplify farm management through managing sensor analytics, providing interpretation and recommendations. What makes H2O Optimizer different is our proven data models. Real-time sensors drive FarmitRx data models, working together to measure specific conditions within a field and make recommendations that consider all factors impacting growth development and harvest. This allows farmers to more precisely target their time, precious water and expensive nutrient resources to improve overall yield and quality.

Consultants, agricultural firms, equipment providers, land management agencies, and those involved in crop production can benefit from decades of experience and success. H2O Optimizer provides clients with access to GIS analyst and technical agronomist services to deliver in-depth training and guidance on all sensor based applications.

By working directly with H2O Optimizer, clients can focus on their business without having to devote time and resources to, developing the proper techniques, data driven ag, and staff needed to achieve successful results scaling sensor based technologies.

About Us

Founded in 2010 following 17 years of research and development, H2O Optimizer provides custom data driven solutions utilizing equipment, UAV, robotic, plant, and soil sensor based technologies to maximize inputs and reduce costs. We believe if you can measure it, you can manage it.

Created by a Certified Crop Adviser focused on resource management, decision analytics, and data driven ag, H2O Optimizer provides the experience and tools to scale sensor technologies, maximizing returns in production agriculture.

Benefits of Sensor Data Driven Ag

No graphs to view or data to analyze


*Reduced power consumption by greater than 26%


*Reduced applied water by greater than 26%


Improve crop uniformity resulting in premium pricing


*Improve crop yield by greater than (coming soon)


*Improve quality by greater than (coming soon)

Integration of manual and or real time sensors for data driven ag decision


Sensor data validation through targeted sensor location


Real-time sensor based irrigation scheduling through 3D soil profile data


Phenology and root zone targeted nutrient rate application timing Recommendations


*Reduced nutrient application by greater than 31%


Reduce unintended leaching of valuable nutrients


Data Integrity through boots on the ground


Recommendations optimized through reinforced inductive logic machine learning algorithms with greater than 21 years of data, background knowledge and logic


Demonstrate environmental sustainability to regulators through sensor technologies


*Percent power, water, yield, quality benefits based on the average of all client and PG&E provided data.




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